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The device, not a single large-scale-production in the modern world can be without


The main task of the project is to develop a device that will increase the efficiency of waste collection and sorting and at the same time reduce the negative impact on human health.
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A task
Анализ существующих решений и подбор комплектующих
Концептуальная разработка и проведение расчетов
Разработка производственной документации
Description of the stages of work
Research of analogs and selection of components
Concept development
Design kinematics analysis
Components selection
Development of production documentation
The peculiarity of the development is in its unification. The manipulator can be used not only on existing production lines, but also for fieldwork. The universal attachment of the manipulator can help as: it can be mounted both on the production line and on a tracked or wheeled chassis
Development Description
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